02 June 2022

Realizing Ajeg Bali, BPR Lestari Supported Dharma Wacana Activity at Beraban Neighborhood

Realizing Ajeg Bali, BPR Lestari Supported Dharma Wacana Activity at Beraban Neighborhood

Contribute to the preservation of Balinese Cultural values in the society, PT BPR Lestari Bali through movement of #LestariAjegBali supported Dharma Wacana Activity with Ida Pedanda Gede Giri Dwija Guna that held on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 at Beraban Neighborhood, Dauh Puri Kauh, Denpasar City. This support was realized upon collaboration of PT BPR Lestari Bali with Beraban Neighborhood through Lestari Mebanjar program. This Dharma Wacana activity is the first activity of Lestari Mebanjar after a vacuum for two years due to Covid-l9 pandemic.


This event was attended by Bagus Jagra Wibawa as the Ambassador of Lestari Mebanjar who served as the Member of DPRD of Denpasar City, IB Mayun Gunawan as Prajuru Adat of Beraban Neighborhood, and the party of PT BPR Lestari that was represented by Made Tutik Sri Andayani as the Director Of PT BPR Lestari. This activity got a huge appreciation from Bagus Jagra Wibawa. According to him, these activities are very important to be carried out in order that the Balinese cultural values are not eroded by the times.


“It is undeniable, the onslaught of technology has made a lot of differences on our culture. Therefore, I really appreciated this activity so that our next generations do not lose values and culture of Bali,” said the man who well-known as Gus Ari. An appreciation was conveyed by IB Mayun Gunawan as Prajwu Adat of Beraban Neighborhood. “We are thankful to BPR Lestari Bali because this activity can be realized by dint of sponsor from BPR Lestari,” he said.


Ida Pedanda Gede Giri Dwija Guna also appreciated the support from BPR Lestari. “Thank you for the support of BPR Lestari because if there is no participation from BPR Lestari, I won’t be able to sit here to give Dharma Wacana to all of you,” said Ida Pedanda Gede Giri Dwija Guna. In this occasion, he spoke about philosophy of Galungan Day and how we as Hindu people interpret it. This Dharma Wacana related to the upcoming Galungan Day, therefore the society, especially the society at Beraban Neighborhood can observe Galungan Day obediently.


Through this program, it is hoped that the surrounding community can play an active role in creating Ajeg Bali in order the identity, space, and procession in Balinese culture can be more maintained. “Bali has an extraordinary culture and custom, therefore we must maintain its sustainability. We hope that with this Lestari Mebanjar, the society can be more motivated to conserve the custom and culture of Balinese,” closed Made Tutik Sri Andayani