The implementation of good corporate governance is increasingly important to maintain the stakeholders trust on BPR Lestari, amid the challenges and business risks that will be faced in the future.

The guidelines and work order of directors and board of commissioners as part of corporate governance can be downloaded at the following links:

1. The Board of Directors' Guidelines and Code of Conduct

2. The Board of Commissioners’ Guidelines and Code of Conduct


The 2016 BPR Governance Report can be downloaded on the following links:

1. Introduction

2. General Meeting of Shareholders

3. Board of Commissioners

4. Board of Directors

5. Committees

6. Compliance Function

7. Internal Audit Function (SKAI)

8. External Audit Function

9. Implementation of Risk Management & Internal Control

10. Legal Lending Limit

11. BPR Business Plan

12. Transparency of Financial and Non Financial Condition

13. Handling of Conflict of Interest

14. Legal and Fraud Handling Problems

15. Funding on Social Activities and Political Activities

16. Highest and Lowest Salary Ratio

17. Approval Sheet