• High interest (LPS of Commercial Bank) compared to other periodical saving
  • No monthly administration fee
  • Low cost on account closing
  • Queuing at every BPR Lestari service office
  • Easy and secure transactions
  • Top up for monthly deposit can be done at any time



  • Free to determine initial deposit starting from Rp. 100.000, -
  • Free to determine monthly deposit starting from Rp. 100.000, -
  • Customers may open more than one Sikaya Savings account
  • Minimum 1-year membership period
  • Account closure before maturity is charged Rp. 50.000, -
  • On the account due date, the accumulated funds and development will be transferred to the customer’s transactional savings account
  • Account closure is automatically done if you don't make a deposit for 6 consecutive months



  • Current valid identity, which is:
    • Individual: KTP (WNI), NPWP or Passport, KITAP/S, TIN/NPWP (WNA)
    • Business Entity: SIUP, TDP, NPW
  • Fill out and sign the Sikaya Saving account opening application form
  • Having a transactional savings in BPR Lestari as an auto debit account
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