BPR Lestari gives a high appreciation to those ordinary people who take extraordinary initiatives, we called them as “The Hero Next Door”-ordinary people who become heroes. BPR Lestari supports these Heroes with anything we could. Their action is heroic, which is selfless. Such the characteristic of Indonesian Nation is full of solidarity.


Understanding that this positive initiative that is in line with our mission, BPR Lestari collaborated with “The Hero Next Door” to #MakeAnImpact, in order to get more Heroes that could inspire many people for the benefits of the community.


The following are “The Hero Next Door” of BPR Lestari:

1. Nyoman Suastika

Nyoman Suastika who joined in the Rotary Club of Bali Kuta is the leader of The Rotary Disaster Response Char Movement that focus on helping to deal with disasters in the eastern part of Indonesia for the areas that have not been reached. The members of The Rotary are not professionals in the social field, however with a high level of volunteerism, they quickly have extraordinary ideas to be able to help those in need.

As what is happening now, against the rapid spread of Covid 19 in Indonesia, mutual cooperation is needed to overcome the impact on its spread. The need for Personal Protective Equipments (APD) at this time is high, meanwhile its availability is very limited, especially for medical personnel. This condition that made the Rotary Club needs to do something to continue its long-running humanitarian mission.

BPR Lestary fully supports the actions of these Heroes for humanity. BPR Lestari gave assistance with 420 complete Personal Protective Equipments (APD) for the medical personnel that distributed to hospitals.

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic not only touched his heart to help the community affected but he also would like to inspire other entrepreneurs to join, because not everyone is lucky. We are struggling but there are still people who are more struggling.


2. Fanty Fang

The founder of Food For Jobless Movement. His idea to build that movement began with the spread of the Covid 19 (Corona Virus) in Indonesia is getting high day by day. Bali is one of those that affected by the virus. Bali that famous for its cultural and natural destinations, was suddenly completely paralyzed. Hotels are closed, tourist destinations are closed, even some restaurants are closed. This resulted many employees got termination of employment and being laid off. Many daily workers have lost their job.

This situation moved Mr. Fanty’s heart to be able to share with others in dealing with the impact of this pandemic through the Food For Jobless Movement. At least this movement could lighten the economic burden of the community to meet their food needs. The purchase of basic food packages was also carried out in small shop around Denpasar, its purpose is to help small business keep running in the midst of the current conditions.


Food For Jobless Movement has been routinely carried out by Mr. Fanty, this time BPR Lestari fully supports by providing 1.320 food packages to 220 families of daily worker every 2 weeks for 3 months from May to July 2020.