Lestari Peduli is a #MakeAnImpact program from BPR Lestari in the form of rapid response action assistance to event occurred, such as Natural Disaster. Lestari Peduli was last carried out in 2017, when the natural disaster Gunung Agung Erupted.


There are a lot of native people of Karangasem has to evacuate away from their hometown. Only live in Village Hall with perfunctory condition. Lestari Peduli gave donation in the amount of Rp 50.000.000,- through Rotary Club Bali to build an emergency bathroom and provided toiletries.


In the year of 2020, the implementation of Lestari Peduli program was conducted massively because of Covid-19 through the action of “The Hero Next Door”. It is undeniable that the spread of the corona virus has an impact on the community’s economy, especially informal sector and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM). To get through this corona disaster, government might not be able to do it alone without public participation. Various mutual assistance initiatives to help each other in handling the Covid-19 disaster to those who affected have emerged from several individuals or communities.