Anak Asuh Lestari is a scholarship program from BPR Lestari to help pay for school fee from Elementary School (SD) to university that has been going on since 2006 until now. The children who are assisted come from Foundation or Orphanage of BPR Lestari and some come from underprivileged parents. The total number of Anak Asuh Lestari is 72 children.


The Story of Anak Asuh Lestari


1. Maria Diodatis

Maria Diodatis Kurniawati or also known as Nia is one of the foster child from Cinta Kasih Foundation. Nia has become a part of lestari anak asuh since elementary school until graduate from vocational high school at Vocational High School of Health year 2019.

She expressed her gratitude and emotion incessantly, how her dream to help her family improve their standard of living began to brighten.

“My parents are smiling so brightly when I wear this shirt complete with the attributes”

Currently, she is pursuing Bachelor Degree at Akubank, majoring in Accounting. Many maybe wondering why did Nia, who was originally studied Nursing school, turned into a Bachelor of Accountancy? Nia do understand that to continue nursing education requires a lot of money and time. Nia would like to work quickly so that she could lighten the burden on her parents, BPR Lestari also happened to give me scholarship at Akubank Campus. I will not miss the opportunity given.


2. Ida Bagus Putra Asana Wibawa

He is often called as Gustu, who has been studying at Senior High School Jendral Sudirman in Bandung. He is the son proud of Bali who managed to enter that school. Gustu chose that school because it is a badminton special school.

He succeed to win the first place in the double badminton competition at the Bali Provincial event in 2019 in Tabanan, beating other regencies.

“I dedicate this victory to Lestari, that’s why I go to this position”