Stories of the Generasi Lestari are selected stories from the recipient of the Generasi Lestari Scholarship from the first to the latest batch who continue to make achievements. Here are their stories


Angga Purnajiwa, Gaining Achievement to the International Stage


I Gede Angga Purnajiwa Arimbawa or often called Angga is a student of Udayana University Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) who got scholarship from the Generasi Lestari program batch 7. He was also active in the Student Association of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences , never thought that he would represent Udayana University in the International Innovation, Creativity, and Technology Exhibition in Malaysia in 2019 and won the Golden Award at the International Level.


For Angga, the award in that International level is a form of his dedication to BPR Lestari, he is grateful because the Generasi Lestari scholarship makes him even more enthusiastic to achieve achievements. Not only in the international level, Angga also won achievements on the national level, such as 1st place in the XII Regional Selection of Candidates for the ASEAN Skill Competition (ASC) in 2017 in Web Design, Finalist in 2018 Joints Competition in the fields of Apps Innovation and Runner Up 1 Bagus FMIPA 2016.

Angga has message for the new Generasi Lestari:

 “ to study hard and keep trying, don’t be discouraged and be the best”


Artha Sudiarsana, Mushroom Farmer from the Generasi Lestari


Artha as he is familiarly called, a 2013 graduate student from Udayana University Faculty of Agribusiness Agriculture, is achiever of the batch 4 of the Generasi Lestari Scholarship. Artha started his business at a fairly young age, which is 21 years old where he is still in college. He never thought that he will be a young farmer. He got the initial capital for his business from the living cost that he got from the Generasi Lestari scholarship. His business is cultivated in his hometown, Desa Pidpid, Karangasem, named “Gede Jamur”.


For now, the cultivated mushroom are oyster mushroom and ear mushrooms. In running his business, he is greatly assisted by local women in his village, with the hope that his business is one of the way out to reduce unemployment and improve the work standards of the residents in his village, this is also in line with BPR Lestari’s mission, namely #MakeAnImpact. His achievement did not stop there, Artha was appointed as a Young Farmer Ambassador by food agencies, Oxfam, Agri Pro Focus and KKRP.

As an entrepreneur, he always remember the promise of the Generasi Lestari, which is:

“ If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t cheat, if you are an official, you don’t corrupt”




Gita Sastrawan, Spread His Wing to the International Level.


Student of Udayana University Faculty of Medicine, I Gede Gita Sastrawan or Gita as he fondly called. He is a recipient of the Generasi Lestari Scholarship Batch 7 which is also currently undergoing co-assistant doctor phase at Sanglah Hospital. The year 2020 is the beginning for Gita to spread its wings to the international level. Gita conducted a study entitled "Prevalence and Risk Factors of Soil Transmitted Helminths Infection among Primary School Students in Seraya Timur Village" where the aim of the study was to evaluate the deworming program carried out by the Karangasem Health Office.


Who would have thought that the research passed the selection in the international conference, the "3rd Global Experts Meeting On Infectious Diseases" which was held in Bangkok Thailand 27-28 January 2020. Not only that, Gita and I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Rai Mulya Hartawan who are also the recipients of the Generasi Lestari scholarship batch 7, won first place at the National level in the Scientific Atmosphere 12 at the Research Paper Congress competition held by Udayana University on 7 - 9 February 2020.