This policy describes our practices, including User choices regarding the collection, use, and specific information, including the User's personal information in connection with MIS Lestari.


1. Definition

"Application" means MIS Lestari is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

"Personal Information" means the specific individual/company data attached and identifiable to an individual/company. This information is collected through the Application, such as name, address, identity number (if the User is an individual), corporate identity data and documents (if the User is not a company), phone number, e-mail, address, bank account number, licensing or the similar document, and other information that may be used as an Application User.

"MIS Lestari" means Management Information System is an application that provides integrated information reports for the management of PT BPR Lestari to record all employees, including Commissioners and Staffs.

"Terms of Use" means the terms and conditions or operating procedures or other provisions in connection with the Application developed by MIS Lestari, as may be changed or added from time to time.


2. Privacy Policy

The MIS Lestari application is an application that is used specifically for all BPR Lestari employees. MIS Lestari does not sell, exchange or offer anything related to employees or Users of MIS Lestari. 


3. Personal Information that MIS Lestari Collect

MIS Lestari can access contacts, location, and fingerprint from the User's cell phone.  Regarding fingerprint access, MIS Lestari only accesses phones that support the fingerprint feature. The purpose of this information collection is for the Application to function correctly, including and limited to contacting the User about the account in the Application and MIS Lestari services, as well as to detect, prevent, and reduce fraudulent or illegal activities.


4. Provision of User's Personal Information

The User's Personal Information is provided directly (for example, when the User logs into the Application) when the User uses the Application and based on the PT BPR Lestari personnel database.


5. Use of Personal Information that MIS Lestari Collects

MIS Lestari uses Personal Information to provide ownership of an account in our Application, to communicate with Users related to the use and use of the Services and Applications and for Users of information about the Application. We may also use Personal Information to send general messages about the Application and Services.

MIS Lestari uses Personal Information in its entirety to analyze User Usage patterns of the Application. This User agrees that the system will use the User's Personal Information to see the internal data of BPR Lestari MIS to ensure the best service in the Application for the User.


6. Provision of Information that MIS Lestari Collects

The User agrees that MIS Lestari can provide Personal User Information to the company, in this case, PT BPR Lestari, with the aim of:

  1. Performing services related to the Application (including but not limited to maintenance services, database management, Application Usage Analysis and enhancement of features in the Application);
  2. Assist us in analyzing how the Applications and Services are used and how they are developed;
  3. To assist the professional attention of Our external and internal auditors, including legal, financial law, and other relevant consultants. These third parties only have access to the User's Personal Information to perform these tasks for and on our behalf and do not disclose or use the Personal Information for any other purpose.

MIS Lestari does not share the User's Personal Information with any unauthorized parties or third parties with the specific Use purposes mentioned in the first paragraph of this section without the User's consent. However, we will disclose Personal User Information that is legally required or required to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, government institutions, or in case of a dispute or any form of legal process between the User and MIS Lestari. The disclosure will happen between the  User and other parties in connection with, related to the Application and Services in an emergency relating to the security of the User.


7. Protection of Data and Personal Information

User's data and information are obligation protection for MIS Lestari. MIS Lestari will implement measures to protect and enter User's Personal Data and Information. However, MIS Lestari cannot fully guarantee that BPR Lestari's MIS system will not be accessed by viruses, malware, interference or extraordinary events, including access by unauthorized third parties. The User must maintain the security and confidentiality of data relating to the User's account on the Application, including passwords and other data that the User provides in this Application.


8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

MIS Lestari may change this Privacy Policy to align with the development of BPR Lestari's business activities or as required by relevant laws and government institutions. Suppose MIS Lestari changes this Privacy Policy. In that case, MIS Lestari will notify the User via electronic mail (e-mail) or provide a notification on the Application 1 (one) day before the change takes effect. MIS Lestari asks Users to review the Application regularly and continuously as long as the User uses the Application to find out the latest information on how the provisions of this Privacy Policy MIS Lestari apply.


9. Others 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed by the laws of the Negara Republik Indonesia. 


10. Recognition and Consent

By using the Application, the User acknowledges that the User has read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and agrees and agrees to the storage, use, processing, provision and transfer of User's Personal Information by MIS Lestari as stated in this Privacy Policy.

MIS Lestari also states that the User has the right to provide all the information that the User has provided to MIS Lestari and to grant the right to MIS Lestari to process and use and provide information to support and carry out the functions of the Application and release MIS Lestari from all claims. If, in the future, there is a claim for the invalidity of the User's right to provide information.