1. Classroom

Classroom program:


Professional Development Program (PDP)


General Banking Program (GBP)


Minibank A & Minibank B


Lestari Knowledge


Final Classroom Test


Classroom Class Graduation Announcements 

(Schedule may change at any time) 


2. On The Job Training

1. Management Trainee (MT) will be directly involved technically in the daily activity of a particular section and after that the MT will make a presentation on the understanding of the parts. The objective of the program is to provide a holistic view of the BPR Lestari banking process. The business sections you learn are:        

  • CS and Teller
  • Back Office Funding
  • Back Office Kredit 
  • Credit Administration
  • Credit Risk


2. Project

The purpose of the project is to develop the execution and leadership skills of an MT. After the project gives results, MT can present it to the examiner and head of the relevant department. MT monitors the process and evaluates the results in the section specified for achievement in that section 


3. After Training

Coaching activities are conducted so that the MT still has directions after the education period. Coach for MT's is an executive level official in order to improve leadership ability and strategic planning for MT. In addition to coaching, MT also get the opportunity to follow the training in the field of leadership and professional career. 



MT (Management Trainee) is special, why?

  • Salary

Salaries will be better than new entry employees      

  • Training

MT gets better opportunities from other employees in terms of education or training. One of them by getting the best coach. 

  • Self-Development

Have more opportunities in terms of project handling so that the potential can be developed continuously 

  • Career

After the completion of the MT education has a better chance and career path. 



Hear, what Next-L opinion about this program 

When applying for a Next-L position, what is the most interesting aspect of the program for you? 

The most interesting aspect is in learning and knowing in detail about the 'kitchen of the bank' how the products and services are made and processed until it can be served to the customer. - I Gusti Agung Ayu Anggraeni, Next-L Batch 1, Branch Manager 


How does the Next-L program affect your personal or career? 

Through this Next-L program, I was formed into a different personality. I am educated to be responsible, disciplined, and initiative. I also get many opportunities to form and train my leadership in working with the team. The education in Next-L was a big influence on my career. I am studied and educated by tremendous mentors. They are all really great! This Next-L program boosted my career up to now. The term I have been prepared and equipped to be ready to work. -Komang Erry Yoga Sugama Putra Witadharma, Next-L Batch 2, Marketing Communications Manager 


How can mentoring improve your experience as Next-L? 

Mentors are very influential in our times through the Next-L program or later. They help and direct us what if we find difficulties that arise and can not be solved alone. - Ni Made Desi Pramayani, Next-L Batch 3, CANI (Continuous and Never-ending Improvement) Manager 


What is the most memorable experience for you in the Next-L program? 

Very interesting to wrestle in the world of Next-L. We get the chance to make big and prestigious events with our Next-L friends; creating together, cooperating vigorously, and getting fantastic work. - Adi Yuliartha, Next-L Batch 1, Business Division Head




In achieving the achievement as one of the best and largest BPR, BPR Lestari continues to be based on the desire to grow and develop. Currently, we are building the ideals, vision and mission, "National Presence, Local Champions" - to be present in various cities in Indonesia. Obviously to achieve these goals, BPR Lestari needs new leaders who will be a force for further growth.

Next-L is our intensive leadership development program that aims to form future leaders of BPR Lestari. Like a war, Next-L is a special force that is trained to be smarter, faster, tough and innovative to design a winning strategy. For someone who is interested in taking on new challenges, pursuing a fulfilling career, and having aspirations and ambitions. The BPR Lestari Next-L program will be an excellent starting point.

I welcome you to the Next-L BPR Lestari program and I look forward to meeting future BPR Lestari future leaders in the near future.

Alex P Chandra,

Chairman, Lestari Group 



We are looking for candidates who: 

  • Minimum bachelor degree with a minimum GPA of 3.25 from reputable university
  • Male and Female with maximum age 25 years
  • Willing to attend school ties during education
  • Willing to be placed throughout Indonesia in the same holding 


Have the following qualities:

  • High motivation and result-oriented
  • Confidence
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creative 



Please visit or send an application to the BPR Lestari Head Office
Jl. Teuku Umar No.110 Denpasar, Bali or email to
For more information, please Ask Dinda 08170668590