Definition of Lestari Internship Program

BPR Lestari opens an Internship Program that aims to provide work experience for college students / university students. This program is a form of corporate awareness of the students to be able to build competence, broaden the horizons, and gain real experience in the world of work, especially in the banking sector. Participants will be professionally involved in daily activities and work with teams for a period of 10 weeks or adjusted to the campus program. Participants will also receive an Internship Certificate at BPR Lestari and other benefits.

The Purpose of the Lestari  Program

  • Introduce the world of work, especially in the banking sector to the participants sustainably internship.
  • Developing soft skill skills ie communication, time management, and ethics in the workplace in preparing sustainable internship participants enter the workforce.
  • Providing an opportunity for participants who meet the criteria of BPR Lestari employees have access to join BPR Lestari.



  • Student / student of semester VI or above or in accordance with the provisions of the faculty program.
  • Minimum GPA min 2.80 out of 4.00 scale
  • Comes from a discipline related to banking or disciplines related to bank operations and has a willingness to grow in the banking and financial industry.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills.
  • Have the quality of enthusiasm, confidence, and creative.
  • Actively organize.


  • A sustainable internship program lasts for a minimum of 10 (ten) weeks.
  • Participants get certificate of internship program result after graduation.
  • Accommodation and transportation costs are borne by participants.
  • Participants who meet the criteria of BPR Lestari employees have the opportunity to get a bid to become a management trainee and become employees at BPR Lestari
  • The duration of the program can be adjusted to the terms of the internship period granted by the University of each participant.


Benefits and Facilities

  • Participants of Sustainable Lifestyles Internship shall receive compensation consisting of allowance, meal allowance, and transportation allowance.
  • Getting the mes messitas during the internship program takes place.


Stages of Lestari Internship Program

a. Selection of participants of Lestari Internship Program
i. Participants send CV and letter from campus
ii. Conducted seleki file by the company
iii. Interview live or online
iv. Announcement received intense

b. Orientation and Learning Materials
i. The orientation process is performed more or less for 1 (one) week.
ii. Participants learn culture, history, and vision of BPR Lestari mission.
iii. Participants receive learning materials from the HCM Section.

c. On Job Trainee (OJT)
i. OJT process is performed approximately for 9 (nine) weeks.
ii. Participants are placed in Part or Division in BPR Lestari.
iii. Participants can learn and understand jobs in the banking sector.
iv. Participants complete projects already prepared in the Section or Division placed.
v. The OJT timeframe can be adjusted to the terms of the internship period granted by each participating university.

d. Presentation
i. Presentation is done after OJT is completed.
ii. Participants present what was obtained during the internationally sustainable program.
e. Coaching and Assistance Program
a. Program participants must carry out coaching.
b. Results from coaching to monitor the activities of program participants in undergoing On The Job Training, project guidance and help direct one vision and one mission with the company.

Obligations of internship participants

  • Work on the project assigned by the section head at On The Job Training.
  • Make a project report that has been done and approved or approved by the division head and division head.



Send CV, cover letter, introductory letter from faculty, and last value transcript to BPR Lestari Office Jl Teuku Umar No. 110 Denpasar or Please visit or email to
For more information, please Ask Dinda 08170668590