DepositoGo is an online deposit product from BPR Lestari. It's easy, practical, and there are many advantages to opening DepositoGo anytime and anywhere by using LestariMobile. Deposits Made Easy, DepositoGo.


Get a special 5% p.a* deposit interest for opening an account with LestariMobile

  • Better profit with a high-interest rate.
  • The funds are protected and guaranteed by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) up to IDR 2 billion.
  • Transactions can be made anytime, anywhere, without going to the branch office
  • Easy to manage the cash flow of funds, penalty-free
  • Negotiable interest rate


  • Tenor: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months
  • The interest is subject to withholding tax in accordance with the prevailing regulation.
  • The interest rate will be calculated based on the actual number of days (1 year = 365 days)


  • Open LestariMobile Apps click here, should you do not have a BPR Lestari saving account yet, please visit the online account opening page here
  • Select the “Open Deposit Account” menu then continue
  • Select “Open Deposit with Deal Code” if you had the Deal Code (from PBO), otherwise select “Open Deposit Account” then continue.
  • Complete the required information then continue.
  • After complete filling in data, please submit then a message will appear to confirm whether you are sure to open a deposit account
  • Please input your MPIN.
  • The deposit account opening procedure from home has been successful.
  • Should you still have problems, please watch the tutorial video of how to open DepositGo here.


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