Cultivate Creativity in Entrepreneurship since Early Age, Gen L Community Give Flower Arrangement Training to Children

Cultivating the creativity in business and entrepreneurship, Lestari Generation Community (Gen-L) that consists of the college students, the recipients of Lestari scholarship, provide flower... Read More

Awarded Top 100 BPR 2022, BPR Lestari Bali Committed to Improve Services

BPR Lestari Bali won the title of Top 100 BPR with assets above 100 billion according to The Finance by Infobank entitled “Top 100 BPR The Finance 2022 : There is Room to Grow Despite the... Read More

4 Gold Investment Tips for Beginner

Gold becomes one of the most sought after investments cause its good liquidity and easy to convert into cash if needed at any time. Its good liquidity makes gold a suitable alternative long-term... Read More

Building Synergy Between Youth, BPR Lestari Gave Support to STT Dharma Indra Murti

Supporting the activity of youth in art, culture, and sport, BPR Lestari gave support to STT Dharma Indra Murti. This support was given in the context of Volley Tournament of PUTRA BAYU CUP II. The... Read More

Develop Creativity of Younger Generation, BPR Lestari Support Sport Activity of STT Laksana Umbara

Through Lestari Mebanjar program, BPR Lestari gave support to volley tournament activity that was held by Sekha Teruna Teruni (STT) Laksana Umbara. The opening of this volley tournament was held on... Read More


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