07 March 2022

ST Dharma Putra Ready to Steady Balinese Culture with BPR Lestari

ST Dharma Putra Ready to Steady Balinese Culture with BPR Lestari

Continuing the Balinese culture steady mission, BPR Lestari supports the younger generations from ST Dharma Putra, Beraban Neighborhood Denpasar to be more determined to carry out activities at preserving Balinese Culture.


The handover of symbolic support has been held on Friday (18/2) that presented by the member of DPRD of Denpasar City, I Bagus Jagra Wibawa, SH who is also an Ambassador of Lestari Mebanjar and Business Director of BPR Lestari Bali, Made Tutik Sri Andayani.


“The younger generation is the spearhead of the continuation of the banjar.  The ones who continue the sustainability of the banjar is, of course, these younger generations, they have to learn to increase creativity, team work. All of these will be useful later on once these younger generations get involved and play and active role directly”, said I Bagus Jagra Wibawa, SH or also well-known as Gus Ari.


“BPR Lestari is a part of Beraban Neighborhood, it should be obliged to mebanjar and menyama braya. We are also grateful for the trust and support from the community, our task now is to protect it. One of them is through these younger generations of Beraban Neighborhood”, said Tutik.


The initial birth of Lestari Mebanjar is aimed to participate in Balinese community banjar activities such as ceremony and dharma wacana. Now, Lestari Mebanjar also supports the activities of younger generations to participate preserving the Balinese culture and the continuity of the banjar.


“It must be useful surely and can establish harmonious long-term collaboration and relationships”, said Tutik.


“There is already a place, there is a support, so you have to maximize to hone creativity. I am also ready to communicate further and assist the younger generations”, concluded Gus Ari.