13 August 2021

Prepare a House Downpayment in 12 Months: Yes, You Can!

Prepare a House Downpayment in 12 Months: Yes, You Can!

Home is one of the primary needs. However, to start owning your own dream house does require a long process. One of them is preparing a down payment to buy the house we want.


The numbers are quite fantastic because it is undeniable that property prices in the long term always go up. This tendency is sometimes the main obstacle in preparing a down payment to buy a dream home.


In addition to intention and enthusiasm, here are tips so you can prepare a house down payment in 12 months. Yes, you can!


Divide Income Posts

After receiving your monthly salary, divide your income into several posts. There are many references to how to divide expenditure items that can be applied. For example, the distribution of 50%  for monthly necessities, 30% for savings and investments, and 20% for installments.


Or it could be more detailed: 50% for monthly necessities, 10% for savings, 10% for lifestyle, 15% for investment, 10% for insurance and 5% for donation.


Well, if you want to start collecting house down payments, then make sure we have prepared the post and routinely set it aside. Try to do it while taking into account other posts.


Look for Mortgage Information 

Mortgage products are considered the most common  solution to owning a house without having to pay in full at the beginning. While collecting funds for a house down payment, search and compare mortgage information between banks so you can find the right product.


Some things to consider when choosing a mortgage are how long it takes to process credit applications, the minimum limit for a down payment and other benefits and conveniences offered. With this, you can set a financial planning pattern to collect the DP.


Minimize Expenditures or Large Credits 

Your big target is to collect a house down payment in the shortest possible time. So make sure you are committed to postponing other big expenses so that your expenses don't swell even more.


Moreover, if the large expenditure is not a necessity, well, throw it away first, until your big target is achieved.


Secure your house's DP Fund

Even if you have done it step by step, but if it's not done in a secure way, it might not turn to be successful. Secure your house down payment so that it is not used for other purposes.

One of the recommended products that you can use is DepositoGo from BPR Lestari. This online deposit product is perfect for securing your funds that are being collected for big targets.


Besides being safe, you will get higher interest compared to other commercial banks. If at any time the funds are sufficient and ready as a down payment to buy your dream house, you can immediately withdraw it without additional costs. Sounds like a plan?


Safe funds, dream house awaits. So, just save your house down payment on DepositoGo. Wanna try DepositoGo now? Click here!


Prepare a House Downpayment in 12 Months: Yes, You Can!

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Prepare a House Downpayment in 12 Months: Yes, You Can!

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Prepare a House Downpayment in 12 Months: Yes, You Can!

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