20 January 2022

Rotary Gave an Award to Alex P Chandra as the Founder of BPR Lestari

Rotary Gave an Award to Alex P Chandra as the Founder of BPR Lestari

The Rotary International agreed to give Rotary Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity to the Chairman & Founder of Lestari Group, Alex P. Chandra or well-known as Alex.


Award ceremony that was held in Bali Paragon Jimbaran Hotel on Saturday (15/01) represented by the District Governor of Rotary Year 2021-22 and given by Cindy Bachtiar, as the Supreme Leader of Rotary in District 3420, which is for Eastern Indonesia.


This is a special award by Rotary International to those who are not Rotary’s members or non-rotarian, who show devotion to humanity according to Rotary’s vision and mission. “Thank you Mr. Alex for inspiring all of our friends to spread kindness to others. We always remember the figure of Mr. Alex and BPR Lestari team who consistently spread kindness and have positive impacts through their mission #MakeAnImpact”, said Cindy.


Rotary as the oldest and the biggest devotion in the world with more than 1.2 million members, working to help people in need through community service with 7 Area of Focus namely: clean water, basic education, health of both mother and child, promoting peace, developing the local economy, supporting the environment and preventing disease, and caring for the environment.


“This is only a small step. We still have a lot of work. Thank you Rotary for the award. This becomes a big responsibility so I am consistent to keep bringing positive impacts to others. Thank you Rotary”, said Alex.