24 October 2022

6 Most Recommended Café and Resto in Canggu Bali

6 Most Recommended Café and Resto in Canggu Bali

Canggu is one of Bali's most hits tourist spots, either for domestic or international tourists. If you plan to spend your holiday in Bali, you should visit Canggu. You can try many good café and restaurants during your holiday in Bali. Don't worry, this café and resto have a special discount, you don't need to spend more. Here are the 6 most recommended café and resto in Canggu, Bali.


1. Fat Mermaid

Fat Mermaid is a restaurant in Canggu with a tropical setting in the interior. They served any kind of Food, from Western Food to Indonesian Food. One of the best Indonesian food menus is Nasi Campur Ayam Sisit. You must try this one if you want to try Balinese Delight. The price is also affordable, starting from IDR 35.000 or less than $2,5. It's worth trying, right?


2. Avocado Factory

Calling for all Avocado Lovers! You should try this café. They served many menus containing avocado, like breakfast, dessert, and drinks. They also have a menu of coffee. All of the menus start from IDR 40.000,00 or less than $3. Don't worry about overspending your holiday budget!


3. Folie Bali

Looking for French Fine Dining in Bali? Let's try any menus at Folie Bali, which is cooked by a professional chef from French. Your holiday will be memorable. Don't worry about overspending here. Folie Bali offers exceptional discounts for you.


4. Parklife Bali

Holiday in Bali with kids? We have a special place to spend the holiday with kids: Parklife Bali. They provide you with a large playground and many activities. The restaurant has a bunch of menus and a special menu for kids. The price starts from IDR 50.000 or less than $5, and highly recommended place for a family.


5. Lopodo Café

This café is quite unique. Not just because of their delicious coffee and desserts, but they also offer any meat and seafood with skewers style. The price starts from IDR 30.000 or $2. They also provide a calm working space if you love to work from a café. It will help you if you suddenly have a call from your work. You can just open your laptop and work from Lopodo Café.


6. Amolas Café

Need to refresh your mind? You should try eating in Amolas Café. Their Food is quite delicious, the vibes are so lovely with shady gardens, and their pools make the vibes more refreshing. This café also kids friendly, so if you travel with your kids, this place you should try this. The price range starts from IDR 30.000 or $2. That's affordable, right?


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