22 June 2022

Awarded Top 100 BPR 2022, BPR Lestari Bali Committed to Improve Services

Awarded Top 100 BPR 2022, BPR Lestari Bali Committed to Improve Services

BPR Lestari Bali won the title of Top 100 BPR with assets above 100 billion according to The Finance by Infobank entitled “Top 100 BPR The Finance 2022 : There is Room to Grow Despite the Obstacles”. Despite being confronted by the pandemic, BPR Lestari Bali succeed to record assets of more than 6,8 Trillion on the period of 2019 – 2021.


This achievement also brought BPR Lestari Bali on award of “Top 100 BPR 2022” that was handed over on Friday, June 17th, 2022, located at Ancol Discovery Hotel Jakarta. The acceptance of this award was represented by I Made Wenten B. as the Director of BPR Lestari Bali.


Made Wenten said, this achievement could not be separated from the support of various parties. “Representing the entire family of BPR Lestari Bali, I would like to thank all customers and the general public who have supported BPR Lestari to be able to achieve this achievement. Hopefully this award can spur our enthusiasm to continue to improve our performance and service,” he said.


At this award ceremony, a seminar was also held with the theme “Potential and Opportunities of BPR Go Public and BPR Go Digital Trend.” At this seminar, BPR is expected to be able to create public needs for easy, fast, simple and safe transaction services. Besides, BPR is expected to start “Go Digital” by providing various transaction services to the customer with just by mobile phone and internet connection without the need to come to the BPR office.


Made Wenten explained, digitalization of BPR products has been applied by BPR Lestari Bali. “This digital channel in BPR Lestari is active.  There is LestariMobile application that can be used by the customer, from opening account digitally to make online transaction,” he explained. BPR Lestari also has other several digital-based financial products such as DepositoGo that make it possible for the customer to make online deposit though LestariMobile application. Made Wenten said, with this award, BPR Lestari Bali committed to continue to improve services and innovation to meet the customer needs. He also invites all parties in the Indonesian BPR industry to keep improving services so that the BPR business is always relevant to the times and meet the needs of the community.


Awarded Top 100 BPR 2022, BPR Lestari Bali Committed to Improve Services

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