15 October 2019

Get to know the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation with BPR Lestari Bali

Get to know the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation with BPR Lestari Bali

International Food Day celebrated in October is a moment for BPR Lestari Bali to hold the #MakeanImpact mission through the #LestariforKids program. This is the fifth time that Lestari for Kids will be held in 2019. This time, this activity was carried out on 12-13 October 2019 assisted by the entire Conservation to distribute 8 tons of rice.


It is The Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation or also known as the Bali Life Foundation. The foundation, which has been operating since 2006, has been accredited with A so that it can be referred to as the Child Welfare Institution (LKSA). Together with Mr. Boy Rio Sitinjak, one of the LKSA administrators as well as who is familiarly called 'Father' by the children there, told a variety of ups and downs and memories that existed while taking care of this LKSA. "At present, there are 41 children we care for. The smallest is currently 6 years old. We help find foster parents so that the children here can go to school ", said Mr. Rio.


He told his story that in conditions and limited backgrounds, of course, a little difficult to take care of all the needs of children, especially in terms of letters. "If you look at my Family Card (KK) with my wife, there are 15 children who are included in our KK. So if you bring KK to take care of something, people will definitely be surprised to see because our KK has 2 sheets, "added Mr. Rio, smiling in memory of his stories. In addition to focusing on managing the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan LKSA, the Bali Life Foundation also has a Shelter House located in Suwung and Monang Maning. This Shelter Home handles street children to be given non-formal education so as to shape their character to want to go to school and stop being a beggar. In addition to children, Rumah Singgah also provides a container and provides skills for parents.


The Shelter Home is also one of the commitment of the managers to be serious in continuing to assist the government in reducing the number of children who are not in school, helping to provide non-formal education for street children. "In the Shelter House, there are already managers who help there. But, we always involve middle and high school children to help in the Shelter in rotation. This is so that they learn to help others and come to see the real conditions on the ground ", he added.



Caring for dozens of children at LKSA is not easy. But all the administrator's shoulder to shoulder to be able to give their best. Not only basic needs but they also focus on teaching basic things about religion and also positive activities to fill various activities on weekends. The existence of BPR Lestari Bali through the Lestari for Kids program further eases the burden of needs at LKSA. "Little by little the burden of our needs was reduced because of assistance from BPR Lestari Bali, especially the children's food needs. Hopefully, this assistance can be sustainable, "said Mr. Rio. "We hope that Lestari for Kids, which is one of the programs of the #MakeanImpact mission, can continue to have a positive influence on other BPR Lestari foster homes. Not only for the management but also for our younger siblings there, "concluded Ayu Silviananda, Corporate Secretary Manager of BPR Lestari Bali.


Get to know the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation with BPR Lestari Bali

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Get to know the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation with BPR Lestari Bali

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Get to know the Bukit Kehidupan Ungasan Foundation with BPR Lestari Bali

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