15 October 2021

World Food Day, Lestari Group Distributes 5.5 Tons of Rice

World Food Day, Lestari Group Distributes 5.5 Tons of Rice

World Food Day which is always celebrated every October is an international momentum to take “Action Against Hunger”.


Through the Lestari For Kids program, BPR Lestari is committed to meeting the food needs of children in fostered orphanages located in Bali and Java.


The distribution of 4.6 tons of rice has taken place at BPR Lestari Bali from 11-15 October 2021 carried out by Lestarians while still following the health protocols recommended by the government.


5 BPRs under the Lestari Group also carry out similar activities in their respective areas, such as BPR Lestari Jatim (Malang), BPR Lestari Jateng (Solo), BPR Lestari Jabar (Bekasi), BPR Lestari Banten (Tangerang), and BPR Lestari Jakarta (West Jakarta).


“The needs of food cannot be reduced. The food intake of those children must be fulfilled so they can focus on studying,” said Corporate Secretary Manager of BPR Lestari Bali, Luh Ayu Silviananda.


Until now, there are 48 orphanages under the guidance of BPR Lestari spread throughout Java and Bali. Not only in urban areas but most of them are also located in districts or city borders.


“Every time we visit (the orphanage), we check the condition of the kids. It's great to see them in good health and keep going to school and studying with passion even though their activities outside the home are still limited, "added Ayu.


Lestari For Kids is one of the #MakeanImpact programs that is consistently carried out every two months to ensure that primary food needs are met.


“We are committed to doing it consistently. Hopefully, there are more and more people out there who are encouraged to do the same,” concluded Ayu.


World Food Day, Lestari Group Distributes 5.5 Tons of Rice

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